Corellon ended the fight by putting out Gruumsh's left eye, which is how Gruumsh earned his moniker "One-Eye." In a past time, Gruumsh had two eyes but he lost one in a fight with the chief elven god Corellon Larethian. The Weaver of Destiny bore her lover two children, Eilistraee and Vhaeraun, before she betrayed him and tried to invade Arvandor, along with Ghaunadaur, Malar, and many other fell deities. ... Gruumsh, and Ilsensine. As a goddess of weavers and a spinner of fate, the destiny of the Ssri-Tel'Quessir (dark elves) was placed in the hands of Araushnee by the decree of Corellon Larethian, Creator of the Elves and leader of the Seldarine, in addition to being the consort of Araushnee. Before her fall, she bore him two children — Eilistraee and Vhaeraun. During the battle that followed, Araushnee and Vhaeraun feigned to fight for the Seldarine while attempting to aid the opposing army, Araushnee even going so far as to redirect an arrow fired by her daughter to hit Corellon. Corellon ended the fight by putting out Gruumsh's left eye, which is how Gruumsh earned his moniker One-Eye. with Zuggtmoy, the Demoness Lady of Fungi. There are two stories of her fall from grace; that told by the elves, and that told by the drow. Female Lolth. Lolth's worship became paramount to the power hungry, status-obsessed drow and the Spider Queen's dark majesty has flourished as the dark elves have grown in power. Major cities fell, lands became infertile, and the populations of each race were decimated. Large, important rituals customarily use eight braziers, to provide additional flame and to represent Lolth’s eight legs. Greater deity Dungeons & Dragons Lore Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Lolth was once Araushnee, the consort of Corellon Larethian, patron of artisans, the deity of elven destiny, and--later, by Corellon’s decree--the keeper of those elves who shared her darkly beautiful features. As the battle was being fought, Corellon Larethian faced his betrayer. She is malicious in her dealings with others and coldly vicious in a fight, coveting the power of deities worshiped by the surface races. The two deities were great foes ever since, though Gruumsh's alliance with another assisting deity, Malar, was not so badly corrupted. Sehanine is her sister and Corellon was once her lover. Weed out the weak and the rebellious. The two deities (and the orcs and the drow) have been great foes ever since. The Fury left to the Abyss to find a way to free Lolth and Takhisis while The Silver Flame … Where Bane commands conquest, Gruumsh exhorts his followers to slaughter and pillage. Lolth's clerics are usually female, although there are rare male clerics, but none of which are allow to achieve the rank of high priest. Some believe her to be insane, because the Queen of Spiders pits her own worshipers against one another in an endless struggle for “station.” She can be kind and aids those she fancies, but she thrives on death, destruction, and torture--including those of her own worshipers who have displeased her. Some orcish clerics deny this tale, dismissing it a… Lolth was the secret power behind many of the dark elven houses of Ilythiir during the terrible Crown Wars that waged between the great elven empires of an age long ago. The entire orc pantheon hates Corellon intensely. Until recently, the home of the Dark Seldarine was based in the Demonweb Pits, the 66th layer of the Abyss, though Eilistraee prefers to reside in Arvandor with her father. There is much speculation of Lolth's role in divine events, as it is uncertain how much influence she currently wields in the pantheon, and her influence as the weaver of fate (now shrouded by her portfolio of darkness and assassins) is nothing if not subtle. Servants who fail Lolth (and there are many ways to fail the capricious goddess) are usually either slain or transformed into creatures called driders: centaur-like creatures that have spider-like bodies below their waists instead of a centaur's equine features. Her worship is entwined with the drow society. Enemies and riches are sacrificed to her monthly. As the war progressed the followers of Lolth reappeared, their skin burned black while in the Abyss, now calling themselves the drow. For this, Corellon can count all evil drow gods as enemies. Dark Seldarine For her crimes, Araushnee was banished to the Abyss in the form of a spider demon, where she took the name Lolth. On occasions she allies with Malar and Loviatar, but these are hardly stable friendships. In the current iteration of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting, the Demonweb Pits is a plane to itself. She displays formidable power and great cruelty with an affection for arachnids. Lolth (also spelled Lloth), known as the Queen of Spiders or the Queen of the Demonweb Pits, is the most influential goddess of the drow, within the pantheon of the Dark Seldarine (Dark Elves). [citation needed] Cruel and capricious, Lolth (loath) embodies the absolute evil of the drow. [13] While Bane 's followers conquer, Gruumsh's slaughter, representing the carnage of war. Marble and obsidian are favored materials for statuary and temple furniture. Patron of Drow and their inseparable companions, the spiders. Lolth has sworn vengeance against Corellon Larethian and his people. Ceremonies sacrificing surface elves are performed monthly during nights of the full moon as deliberate affronts to Sehanine, Lolth’s hated rival. Even if it is an unreliable narrator, the changes seemed … Finally, due to the machinations of Araushnee (later Lolth), Gruumsh was able to ambush the Coronal of Arvandor and came close to defeating him. Goddess of Darkness, Drow, Evil, and Spiders (and assassins and chaos in the Forgotten Realms), Lolth has, through deceit and domination, garnered the ears of the dark elves and eventually established herself as their foremost deity, keeping them under her thumb by crea… Humans worship Moradin and Corellon as gods of their respective portfolios, rather than as racial deities. Lolth is the goddess of the drow, though other chaotic evil beings of the underdark have been known to worship the Lady of Shadows. His plan failed, despite a divine force brought against the elven gods consisting of the Seldarine's enemies in all the goblinoid and elf-hating pantheons and Araushnee was transformed into Lolth. Lolth is a Demon Princess that dwells in the Demonweb in the Abyss where she dwells in darkness surrounded by schemes and stretching webs. Though Corellon knew his daughter's innocence, Eilistraee chose to share the fate of her mother and brother, the Dark Maiden no doubt sensing that the dark elves would one day need a reprieve from the path of hate and evil that they would eventually set upon, following their dark goddess; their Spider Queen. Goddess of Darkness, Drow, Evil, and Spiders (and assassins and chaos in the Forgotten Realms), Lolth has, through deceit and domination, garnered the ears of the dark elves and eventually established herself as their foremost deity, keeping them under her thumb by creating a society in which only the strong survive and her priestesses are strongest. Unknown They wield power in keeping with the cruel and capricious nature of Lolth herself, and manipulate (often by brute force) their fellow drow to behave as their deity. Drow noble Houses have their own private temples, and every drow city ruled by the church of Lolth has at least one large, open public gathering area for large rituals, calls to war, and the like. When participating in rituals, clerics of Lolth work unclad or wear black robes trimmed with dark red and purple (lesser or novitiate clerics instead wear dark purple or red trimmed with black). In the default Dungeons & Dragons cosmology, the Demonweb Pits are located on the 66th layer of the Abyss (although in the Queen of the Spiders supermodule, author David C Sutherland locates her realm on layer 65). When Lolth is displeased, she sends a yochlol or a myrlochar (a spider demon of lesser rank) to attack the cleric. Lolth’s foes include the Seldarine (the elven pantheon), Ghaunadaur, Eilistraee, nondrow Underdark deities, and Gruumsh. ... Their plan failed and Araushnee was transformed into Lolth and her elven followers into drow. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. There was … Other drow gods may be present in different campaign settings. These gods include Bahamut, Corellon, Gruumsh, Lolth, Moradin, Sehanine, and Tiamat. Lolth’s clerics sometimes multiclass as arachnes, fighters, or sorcerers. The war between the two has lasted eons; it follows a pattern of victories by Bane driving the Orcs back towards Nishrek, only to suddenly attack with a bizarre ploy that scatters Bane's ranks and pushes them back. With Lolth, they would discover that she wants to break Cyric free so, with the help of a mutual friend, she could achieve her goal of ruling over the entire elf species. Gruumsh once had an alliance with the conniving drow goddess Araushnee to bring down the gods of the elves once and for all. The members of the Dark Seldarine are as follows: Eilistraee the Dark Maiden, Ghaunadaur or That Which Lurks, Kiaransalee the Revenancer, Selvetarm the Champion of Lolth and Vhaeraun the Masked Lord, who is also the father of Selvetarm (Selvetarm is the product of an ill-fated union between Vhaeraun and the goddess Zandilar the Dancer, an aspect of Sharess, a goddess of hedonism worshipped by the Yuir elves). Revere arachnids of all kinds; those who kill or mistreat a spider must die. In some cities, they wear ornate helms carved to resemble writhing spiders, while in others heads are always left uncovered. She is also known as the Spider Queen and the Queen of the Demonweb Pits. She has one Cyric Key with her and of the players already solved the Gruumsh quest line, they would intimidate her with the elven and orcish army., In 1372 DR, Lolth fell silent, not answering the prayers of her priestesses, and causing chaos amongst the drow, particularly the drow of Menzoberranzan—led by. Lolth was banished to the Abyss by Corellon Larethian, who has forevermore been her enemy. Few elves are even willing to discuss their deep-dwelling kin, let alone the dark deity who is blamed in large part for their depravity. His plan failed, despite a divine force brought against the elven gods consisting of the Seldarine 's enemies in all the goblinoid and elf-hating pantheons, and Araushnee was transformed into Lolth . Back in this age before time, Lolth, her sister and Corellon ruled from their dominion, Arvandor; seperate from the other gods. Holy symbol Rank Clerics of Lolth are the rulers, police forces, judges, juries, and executioners of drow society. In other cities, there may not be a single ruling council or a single ruling cleric. In most cases, the hierarchy of the church is inextricably linked with the theocracy of the associated city. Inner chambers are for the worship and business of Lolth, including most spell casting. Corellon was also the one to banish the drow goddess Lolth (Araushnee in the Forgotten Realms setting) to the Abyss. She has her own rivalries with the various demon lords of the Abyss, noticeably with Zuggtmoy, the Demoness Lady of Fungi. Lolth has sworn vengeance against Corellon Larethianand his people. Lolth ( Lloth in the drow dialect), the Demon Queen of Spiders, is the chief goddess of drow elves. She is served by Keptolo, who is too lazy to oppose her, and by Kiaransali. Lolth is allied on occasion with Loviatar and Malar, and since the Times of Trouble, finds it convenient to masquerade as Moander, an ancient diety of rot, corruption and decay. Lolth is the leader of the Dark Seldarine, the drow pantheon of gods but a pantheon in name only. Gruumsh is rumored to have had an alliance (and possibly more) with Lolth, but if this is true it ended badly for him as he hates Lolth as well. Gruumsh is the chaotic evil god of destruction, lord of marauding barbarian hordes. Shrines Convert or destroy nonbeliever drow. Greyhawk In Paul Kidd's novel Descent into the Depths of the Earth, Lolth's plans to conquer the Flanaess are foiled by the Justicar and Escalla, (thanks to a magical bottle of fairy wine, vintage sixty-three); a few months later, in the Queen of the Demonweb Pits novel (also by Kidd), Lolth and her allies try to have their revenge on the adventurers, however, at the end of the novel, Lolth is destroyed in her native plane, supposedly for good. She displays formidable power and great cruelty with an affection for arachnids. Statuettes of the Spider Queen, usually worked of black stone, are present in all temple chambers. The primal elven deities pled their case before Corellon, which gave Lolth the opportunity to try and kill Corellon. The Spider Queen's sacred animals are (naturally) arachnids. Lolth dwells in her divine realm of the Demonweb Pits, a demonic realm formed entirely of a single great fractal web, where she is served by legions of powerful mystical slaves. So you have Orc cults that worship these infernal beings, and you have other Orcs who worship regular gods and are peaceful. The pantheon also includes the archdevil Asmodeus as god of domination and tyranny. But eventually she came to stand against the Seldarine and all they stood for. Again, Lolth broke Corellon's heart with this Descent. She is also known as the Spider Queen and the Queen of the Demonweb Pits . Orcs are his most fervent followers. Lolth’s re-ascension to true godhood has basically elevated her above competition from the Lady of Fungi, but the two still harbor hatred for one another. Although she can appear in the form of a giant black widow spider with crimson eyes, Lolth’s true form is that of a human-sized, exquisitely beautiful female drow. Several of the gods are drawn from other pantheons, sometimes with new names for the gods. In the Abyss, many millennia passed by as Lolth raged bitterly over her failed plans, along the way rejecting the advances of Ghaunadaur and sending it into a terrible rage, during which it stole the intellect of many of its followers, effectively robbing itself of most of its power, power which it has only recently regained. Her symbol is a black spider with the head of a female drow (and in the Forgotten Realms, hanging from a spider web). Portfolio Spiders, evil, darkness, chaos, assassins, drow Her foes include the Seldarine (the elven pantheon), Ghaunadaur, Eilistraee, her son Vhaeraun, Kiaransalee, nondrow Underdark deities, and Gruumsh. Lolth initially appears as a beautiful elven woman who offers to lead the series' heroes through an underground passage to escape a horde of monsters. Gruumsh was a former ally, later her enemy. Lolth, the (Demon) Queen of Spiders, is the goddess of the Drow, of spiders and of chaos. Tharizdun – The Chained God, also known as the Elder Elemental Eye, creator of the Abyss. Allying herself with Gruumsh, leader of the orcish pantheon and an arch-nemesis to Corellon, Araushnee attempted to have her consort assassinated by using her position as a loved one of Corellon. She is worshipped on the full moon in underground marble temples. Lolth Her many attempts to kill the First of the Seldarine failed and eventually these plots were discovered by Sehanine Moonbow, the most powerful goddess of the Seldarine, who had also been suspicious of Araushnee's true motivations. Sacrifice males, slaves, and those of other races who ignore the commands of Lolth or her clerics. In those various settings, the drow pantheon of gods consists of the leader Lolth, as well as Eilistraee, Kiaransalee, Vhaeraun, and Zinzerena. She also considers amongst her major foes Ghaunadaur, Eilistraee, Vhaeraun, Gruumsh and Ilsensine. Gruumsh One-Eye, god of the orcs, is the god's greatest enemy, because Corellon took his eye in an ancient battle. Araushnee once again tried to kill her former lover but the intervention of three elven goddesses prevented this. The Spider Queen, Queen of Spiders, Demon Queen of Spiders, Demon Queen of the Abyss, Queen of the Demonweb Pits, Weaver of Chaos, the Hunted, the Mother of Lusts, Dark Mother of All Drow, Lady of Spiders Honestly, everything about Yeenoghu, particularly the first old school presentation, resonates more with a demon of famine than … Lolth requires regular homage from her clerics: submission in prayer, plus offerings. Corellon was able to counter, however, and struck a mighty blow across Gruumsh’s face, destroying the orcish god’s left eye. Clerics of Lolth pray for spells after waking from trance or before retiring to trance. Sometimes, the two foremost pair of her spider-legs are actually humanoid arms. As the original patron of the dark elves, the Queen of Spiders established herself as the unchallenged ruler of the drow pantheon. Long before the elves first travelled to Abeir-Toril from the original elven homeland of Tintageer on the magical world of Faerie, Lolth was known as Araushnee, the "Weaver of Destiny", a Lesser deity of the Seldarine, the elven pantheon of gods.